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Kashibai Bajirao Ballal
Kashibai Bajirao Ballal

Mini Bio

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal was the first woman of Bajirao I, the Peshwa (Prime Minister) to the fourth Maratha Chhatrapati (Emperor) Shahu. With Bajirao, she had four children, including Balaji Baji Rao and Ragunath Rao. Balaji succeeded Bajirao as Peshwa upon the latter’s death in 1740. Also following Bajirao’s death, Kashibai fostered her step- son, Shamsher Bahadur, whose mama was Bajirao’s alternate woman, Mastani.


Kashibai was the son of Mahadji Krishna Joshi and Shiubai of Chas, belonging to a fat banker family. She was fondly called”Laadubai”and was born and raised in Chaaskaman vill, which is located 70 kilometer down from Pune. Kashibai’s father, Mahadji Krishna Joshi, was firstly from Talsure vill in Ratnagiri and latterly shifted to Chaaskaman. Mahadji was a fat sahukar (moneylender) as well as the subedar of the Maratha conglomerate in Kalyan, a factor which played a strong part in the alliance of Bajirao and Kashibai. Mahadji had also helped the reigning Maratha emperor (Chhatrapati) Shahu in his difficulties and as a price was appointed as his treasurer. Kashibai also had a family named Krishnarao Chaskar.

According to annalist Pandurang Balkawade, Kashibai was quiet and soft- spoken and suffered from a type of arthritis.


Kashibai was married to Bajirao I on March 11, 1720, in a ménage form at Saswad. The marriage was a happy one and Bajirao was basically monogamous by nature and the family tradition. He always treated his woman with love and respect. Kashibai and Bajirao had four sons together. Balaji Baji Rao (nicknamed”Nanasaheb”), was born in 1721 and was latterly appointed Peshwa by Shahu in 1740 after Bajirao’s death. Their alternate son Ramchandra failed youthful. Their third son Raghunath Rao (nicknamed”Ragoba”) served as the Peshwa during 1773 – 1774 while their fourth son Janardhan Rao also failed youthful. Since substantially manly members of the Peshwa family were out on the battleground, Kashibai controlled the day-to- day handling of the conglomerate, especially of Pune. And it was possible because of her social nature.

Bajirao took a alternate woman, Mastani, the son of Hindu king Chhatrasal of Bundelkhand from his Muslim woman. Still, this marriage wasn’t accepted by the Bhat family. Kashibai is also noted to haven’t played any part in the ménage war waged by the Peshwa family against Mastani. Historian Pandurang Balkawade notes that colorful literal documents suggest that she was ready to accept Mastani as Bajirao’s alternate woman, but couldn’t do so going against her mama-in- law Radhabai and family-in- law Chimaji Appa.
As the Brahmins of Pune transacted the Peshwa family due to Bajirao’s relations with Mastani, Chimaji Appa and Nanasaheb resolved to force the separation of Bajirao and Mastani in early 1740.

Bajirao’s death

While Bajirao was out of Pune on passage, Mastani was put under house arrest. Nanasaheb had transferred his mama Kashibai to meet Bajirao. Kashibai is said to have served him on his deathbed as a pious and regardful woman and has been described as largely devoted to her hubby. She and her son Janardhan performed the last solemnities.

Mastani failed in 1740 soon after Bajirao’s death and also Kashibai took care of their son Shamsher Bahadur and made installations to train him in artillery. She came more religious after her hubby’s death. She performed colorful pilgrimages and stayed in Banaras for four times. On one similar stint she was accompanied with pilgrims and had expenditure of rupees one lakh. Returning from a passage in July 1747, she commissioned a tabernacle devoted to Shiva in her birthplace Chas naming it Someshwar Temple. Erected in 1749, the tabernacle stands on a1.5 acres (0.61 ha) land and is popular for Tripurari Poornima fests and finds citation in the Marathi book Sahali Ek Divasyachya Parisaraat Punyachya as a sightseer spot near Pune.

Here are the popular fact

1. Kashibai features in Raau, the 1972 fictional literal novel by NagnathS. Inamdar.
2. Kashibai is a top character in Ram Sivasankaran’s new The Peshwa The Lion and the Stallion (2015).
3. A fictional interpretation of Kashibai ( grounded on NagnathS. Inamdar’s new Raau) was portrayed by Priyanka Chopra in the 2015 film Bajirao Mastani directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali.
4. Ishita Ganguly portrayed Kashibai in Sony TV’s 2017 literal drama show Peshwa Bajirao.
5. Arohi Patel plays child Kashibai in Zee TV’s 2021 literal drama show Kashibai Bajirao Ballal.

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal is a great woman of Peshwa Bajirao Ballal. She did a lots of effects for her hubby and also for country. She have a veritably happy family but when Peshwa Bajirao Ballal did marriage with Mastani bai so after that no bone excpet Mastani but Kashibai Bajirao Ballal is veritably humble and innocent thats why she except to Mastani.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj is a founder of Maratha Empire.

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