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Mini Bio

Nitin Oliver Malik was Born on 31st August 1995 and he is just 26 years old. Nitin is a shining star. In his family he have one brother, one sister, mom and dad and they are a good family.

Nitin’s life has had many ups and downs. Nitin has seen good days as well as bad days in his life. Nitin is such a person who has also eaten food in 7 star hotel and has also eaten food from the food man given to the dog lying on the road. The best or worst thing about Nitin is that he doesn’t believe in witchcraft. they are not superstitious.

Nitin has made a lot of good friends while living in Delhi. Here is a list of some of Nitin’s special friends Kshitij, Lokesh, Harsh and Neel. Nitin Oliver Malik is a very good person and He is a Youtuber, Singer, and Comedian and Nitin Oliver Malik is very rich person but he never did show of in front of anyone.

Currently Nitin is working as a Manager in Dollar Hotel which is located in Main Bazar of Paharganj, New Delhi. He is also a President of Paharganj LP4Y Centre( Life Project For Youth).

First President of LP4Y Organization is Mr. Lokesh Kumar and Nitin is a second President of LP4Y Organization. 

Nitin is very happy for his life because he achieve a lots of things in his life but now he want more to achieved. Nitin wants to become a star on Bollywood that’s  why he create a YouTube channel and he had a very strong, Genuine fan base on YouTube.

Nitin Hostel life

Nitin gives step by step place to everyone in his life. On number 1 he give space to god and he don’t have a one name. In number 2nd he have space on his heart for his grandmother but she’s not alive now and in number 3rd he give space in his heart for his mom and dad. Nitin loves a lot to his grandmother but she’s not alive now.

When Nitin was a child, Nitin used to be very diabolical at that time, so Nitin’s grandmother told there parents for put Nitin in hostel.

When Nitin enter in hostel first time so that time everyone loves Nitin because he is very cute and innocent. That time in hostel everything is set by time. Like in morning he need to wakeup early morning 5am after he need to go for taking a bath and then he need to do a brush for his teeth and After that he had to go to the prayer room and pray. Then he got milk and 2 peace of bread after eating this he need to seat on chair and doing or checking his home work is complete or not.

After that he go to school because they used to send him to study in government school not a privet school with hostel.

There was food in the government school and the hostelers seniors had said that the hostel children should not be given school food because their food is cooked in the hostel.

If by mistake any child of the hostel used to eat the food of the government school, then he should inform the hostelers senior people After that the hostel teacher used to beat the boy a lot. When he used to come back to the hostel from the government school, after that he used to get food and then they used to sit and eat.

Then he is his doing study in the evening and then at night he used to get food at 8pm for eating. After that he had to go to the prayer room and pray and then he go to bed for sleeping at 10pm and this is a daily routine of his hostel. In hostel he did not get to watch TV and did not get to play any game. That’s why in his hostel time he never played a game that’s why Nitin did not apply in decathlon for a job because he did not play any game in his hostel life and everyone knows Decathlon is a sports company.

Who was the owner of the hostel and the one who was running the hostel was a family. Hostel owner have 5 family member in his family. Owner, his wife, one daughter and one boy.

They used to run that hostel properly and so for that the owners and servants of the hostel, they used to tell Nitin that you call me father and call my wife as mother, call my son as a brother, and call my daughter as you’re sister. So even now when Nitin meet him somewhere, So Nitin call him papa and mummy only because at that time he used to be Nitin’s family.

So because the hostel owner was from Kerala, and Nitin had to stay there and understand the South Indian language and Nitin used to speak a little bit of South Indian language. Now Nitin have forgotten enough South Indian language. Now Nitin will remember only one or two words because Malayalam language is spoken in Kerala and this language is very difficult to learn for Nitin.

So Basically Hostel owner he was from Kerala and a stick is found in Kerala no matter how much you twist that stick, it is not broken So he used to bring sticks from Kerala to beat Nitin And when Nitin made a mistake, Nitin was beaten up a lot by applying oil on that stick brought from Kerala.

So some of the cases there are such that everyone used to get food there on time and children up to 12 years old used to get two Chapatis (rotis) with vegetables And the children who are above 12 years used to get 3 Chapati (rotis) with vegetables. So when you are away from home, you feel more hungry, and this is Nitin Philosophy.  Because Nitin did not get love in that hostel, only food was available there and for Nitin who is living in the hostel for those 2 Chapatis (Rotis) not enough And when the child is small, he feels more hungry and he needs more love And when any child is not given love and food properly, then it does not grow, so that’s why Nitin was not grow properly in his hostel time. So this was the reason that Nitin height was not increasing, Nitin height was increasing only when Nitin came to his house and started living.

So now it is a matter of eating, Nitin’s stomach was not filled with 2 Chapati (rotis), because Nitin was younger than 12 at that time, that’s why Nitin used to get only 2 Chapati (rotis). So Nitin didn’t get enough food and never got love After that, when Nitin used to go to school despite all this, the owner of the hostel had also forbade the teachers of the school from giving food to the children of the hostel. Nitin was alone going from hostel to school and coming from school to hostel was alone. So the route from the hostel to the school was about one to two kilometers So whatever bread was lying to Nitin on that road, even if it was for the dogs to eat, Nitin used to eat that roti. That’s why Nitin was called by the name of Gourmet in the hostel because Nitin feel very hungry in his hostel life.

As some people used to keep pudding and puri in the pot at that time and leave it at the crossroads, it would have been a kind of bonus for Nitin. At that time Nitin used to be very happy because fresh poori and pudding used to be kept in the pot kept at that intersection.

Because at that time the pudding and the whole busi was not kept fresh at the crossroads, so some people used to say that witchcraft is kept at the crossroads, whatever it is. So whenever Nitin used to see the puri and halwa lying at the crossroads, Nitin used to go and eat it because Nitin didn’t care about witchcraft And there used to be a bargad tree behind Nitin’s school and that tree was God for Nitin, not a tree Because down that tree sometimes we found to get sweet sweets, sometimes sugar candy, sometimes roti, sometimes People don’t know what they used to keep there.

How innocent Nitin are?

Nitin Oliver Malik live like a king and if anyone meet with Nitin first time so no one said that Nitin is not innocent because Nitin look an innocent boy but he is not innocent and this is the big truth of his life.

If someone speaks wrong about Nitin or makes a fool of him, then people think that those people have won but this is not a truth. Nitin knows who is right and who is wrong, just he does not say anything.

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