Naiki Devi History

Queen Naiki Devi was the regent queen of the Chaulukya dynasty( Solanki Rajputs) during her son Mularaja II’s immaturity from 1175. She was likely born in the family of Chandela sovereign Paramardi. She was married to Chaulukya King Ajayapala. In 1178, queen Naiki Devi led the Rajput Confederation into the Battle of Kasahrada and defeated Muhammad Ghori at Gāḍarāraghaṭṭa pass. Muhammad Ghori forced to retreat to Afghanistan through desert after the defeat in battle.

Her earlier life isn’t known, according to Prabandhachintamani of Merutunga, she was son of one Paramardi. This Paramardin was before incorrectly suspected as the Kadamba king Permadideva, but according to noted annalist Ashoke Kumar Majumdar, she was likely the son of Chandela emperor Paramardi( reignedc. 1165- 1203 CE).

She was married to Chaulukya sovereign Ajayapala and had son named Mularaja, who latterly came king after his father’s death. When her son succeeded his father as king in 1175, she came regent during the nonage of her son.

During the immaturity of her son, Naiki devi was the queen regent of the Chaulukya area, and it’s during that time Muhammad Ghori raided India through Thar Desert in 1178A.D. In the detailed description given by annalist Merutunga, Naiki devi took her son Mularaja in her stage and marched at the head of the Chaulukya army and defeated the Ghurid forces at Gāḍarāraghaṭṭa pass and secured for her son title of” victor of the king of Ghazni”. The position of battle is linked as a vill named Kayandra near foothills of Abu hills.

In popular culture
The 2022 Gujarati literal film Nayika Devi The Warrior Queen stars Khushi Shah as Naiki Devi.

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